Remodelling 4 bathrooms in Torre Esplugues Old People’s Home

Remodelling 4 bathrooms in Torre Esplugues Old People’s Home

The intervention in the Torre Esplugues Old People’s Homes takes into account the adaptation of 4 bathrooms located in the ground and first floor.

This old people’s home needs an aesthetic and functional change to offer a better image, through the presentation of a contemporary and hygienic appearance.

The remodelling contemplates the following actions:

  • To put a vinylic and very resistant surface especially appropriate for crowded spaces those also need an easy cleaning. This surface is made of materials that allow people walking barefoot, with wet feet or with soft-soled shoes.
  • Making new gradients so that the water runs easily over the surface. Also it’s important to guarantee a good mobility.
  • To replace the existing toilets with new ones those fulfil the regulations. Also installing new security bars made of stainless steel. The toilets are specially thought to make easier the mobility of users.
  • Also the project chooses convex washbasins those allow users to bring closer to the washbasins.
  • To place cubicles made of phenic acid materials those are resistant to the dampness and blows. It’s a damp-proof material totally antibacterial.

All the materials used for the remodelling are environmental friendly and fulfil the current regulation.

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