Remodelling the children’s area in Sant Rafael School

Remodelling the children’s area in Sant Rafael School

The introduction of the new educational projects at the schools forces to rethink the existing areas. The remodelling children's area Sant Rafael School from Barcelona is an example of this.

The project of Efebé lies in transforming the children’s area – classrooms were originally divided according to the age of the students –, into a multifunctional area where it’s possible to develop some activities considering the following goals:

  • To catch the attention of children and encouraging them to learn.
  • To motivate children to go to school.
  • To create different atmospheres that favour the personal development.

All that is possible thanks to the use of warm and neutral materials, adding some colour to the joinery to transmit feelings of harmony and peace.

The project includes the installation of a new surface made of very resistant wood over the existing floor. This produces feelings of warmth and comfort.

Besides, the project chooses to install over the original prop a white panel made of fireproof melamine that fulfils the regulations of fire resistance. The panel is sewed up with a wooden corners and a damp-proof skirting board.

The space is divided in 5 areas considering their functionality:

  1. Lobby. We place a wooden tree with some pieces that contain books. In addition, this space has three poufs to transform this area into a reading area.
  2. Art room. Destined to the artistic and creative development by converting one of the walls into a slate board.
  3. Mobility area. Created through the arrangement of two tables where children can cut and paste shapes.
  4. Audiovisual and reading area. Thought up with an electronic board and an area of rugs and pillows to read.
  5. Psychomotricity area. By the arrangement of a mirror made of laminated glass, a wooden house which acts as a play area and a free space to do exercise.

Working over the original elements and transforming them allows to reduce rubble and to speed up the timings.

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