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00199-Xarxes de protecció

Appealing and reliable protection system via monofilament or multifilament nets fastened and tensed in handrails, window frames and balconies. Fastening can be carried out through continuous anchorage with aluminum sections tightened through polyamide harpoons, easy and dynamic to install. It can also be made with polyamide sections that, once anchored to the structure, offer the most efficient way of achieving mesh tension, creating a beautiful and reliable solution. Its nice aspects does not impact on the facade image and provides top safety thanks to the anchorage systems INTI, AIDICO and ASTM stress tested.

  • It does not offer sharp and cutting edges that may risk or damage children or adults.

  • Specially designed to optimize installation times.

  • Detachable in case of maintenance works.

  • Two transverse ribs on its base that promote water drain.

  • Great advantages security, finish and ductility-wise.

  • Fitted out with polyamide guides easy to remove for its usage somewhere else.

  • Polyamide guide can be installed in irregular surfaces or curves.

  • The thin net weave does not alter sight or light input.

Alumini, poliamida i xarxes

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