Education Project Program

Schools need to renew their facilities to properly adapt them to the intended Education Project. Depending on the school methods needs, it is advisable to have areas that allow to promote creativity, new technologies' integration and teaching staff involvement.

Efebé Education Project Program has been created to give schools flexible, connected, multi-functional spaces featuring all the comfort necessary to promote a creative and motivating environment, both for students and teaching staff. 

Functional elements of this program are:

  • Connectivity: Together with the school, we define the best connectivity alternatives in order to improve work in the classroom and productivity improvement by the teaching and administrative staff. 
  • Flexibility: New education methods require facilities with higher transformation capacity in order to adapt to different activities such as: working based on projects, class grouping, flipped classrooms, creative corners, etc.
  • Multifunctionality: We offer furniture and technology equipment to provide educational and pedagogical activities.
  • Comfort: Comfort feeling is essential in any area and in Efebé we take this into account in many aspects: ergonomics, temperature, humidity, lightning, noise pollution and air quality.
  • Hygiene: We establish an action plan for those areas that need special attention, such as: the dinning room, the gymnasium, the classrooms, etc. according to the current regulations.

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