Tailor-made solutions

Sector programs and packs customizable to any customer's budget and needs.


We care for children's safety and health, this is why we designed a program and some packs focused on adapting and equipping spaces to create healthy schools where risk situations are minimal.

Old People's Home

Taking care of our elderly is essential if we want to offer them a good quality of life. Our programs and packs for the elderly ensure that old people's homes are safe, comfortable and welcoming. Besides comfort and humane treatment, they can benefit from ergonomic furniture adapted to their needs.


An office must be a workspace correctly designed and well fitted to promote success to the organizations and businesses. Design has here the key role for attracting talent, maximizing productivity and achieving competitive advantage. Your workspace will be optimized with our packs and programs.

Medical Centers

Medical Centers' premises are the first step to medical attention. This is why it is so important that they offer a welcoming physical environment, comfort and appropriate hygiene and safety conditions, which they make professional-patient relations easier. With the packs and programs we designed, Medical Centers will offer quality, hygiene and good service.

Sports Centers

Sports Centers' dimensions must be suitable for its use; its design has to be functional to offer the appropriate environment for sports practice. With our packs and programs we ensure equipment and material quality bringing you the best comfort and safety conditions for your swimming pools, locker rooms, showers, lobby and social areas.